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Elder Oxymel | Lake & Woods Apothecary

Elder Oxymel | Lake & Woods Apothecary


Elder Oxymel, a delicious medicine to help nurture a cold, a fever, an infection, swollen lymph node or even just an immune supporting pick me up. Elderberries can be taken both tonically or at the first sign of illness, it all depends on how your body accepts and responds to this herb, the blossoms can aid in the removal of congestion and break a fever by stimulating the sweat glands, Tulsi and Calendula can help move the lymphatic system so your body can fight off the infection faster or drain any waste from the elimination channels. It's all about making sure everything is flowing properly. 

Made from Wild gathered Elder Blossoms, Organic Elder Berries, Calendula and Holy Basil (Tulsi) extracted in Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Leelanau County Honey.

2 ounce dropper bottle. Take 1-3 ml a day. 

What is an oxymel? 
An oxymel is a traditional elixir of vinegar (typically apple cider vinegar) and raw honey, often with complementary herbs. Indeed, the term comes from the ancient Greek word oxymeli, which translates to “acid and honey.” Unsurprisingly then, oxymels have been around—and literally on the books—for centuries, documented since the age of Hippocrates and showing up as important folk remedies for a wide array of issues in both European and American pharmacopoeias.

Lake & Woods Apothecary is Kelly Kehl, a folk herbalist in Michigan's Leelanau Peninsula. Kelly's work mainly focused around hand crafting herbal remedies from the earth's offerings and sharing simple advice on food, using herbs, tending home and self care practices.